Monday, December 5, 2011

Mixed Media Christmas and Picture Post

This is a simple mixed-media piece I made a few weeks back and hadn't shared yet. 

And for advent we played Triversity on Saturday - it's no one's favorite game, but with some family modifications we really enjoy it.

And Boggle on Sunday. I love Boggle and play the computer version frequently so we played to 20 points and I was given a 20 point handicap... I still won :-)

I don't think I've posted many picks of our dog lately. If you're new here, this is Chocolate and he answers to his nickname 'Bubby'. 

He's my very best friend.

And he looks pretty fierce when need be. Which is nice too.

Have you seen a cuter face? I don't think so.

Well, maybe this one. Brayden was an adorable youngster. Hard to believe my giant boys were that little just a few years ago. 

And not to be one of those people, but when you are thinking about presents this year, consider this:

Hope you don't mind this potpourri post, I just had a little bit of a lot of things to share this morning.


Carmen said...

I love a bit of pot pourri ;)

Lovely post, lovely peep into your life. And love that sentiment on your card too.

Carmen said...

Whole lotta lurrrrve :P

donna!ee said...

what a fun post, a mix of all things enjoyed! blest be :)

Juls said...

gorgeous!!! Love the bright and funky colours of your tree!! Hugs Juls

Kathi said...

That page is fantastic and I love the sentiment on it. Just wonderful. Yes. And agreed about the magic of the season...