Saturday, December 3, 2011

Reindeer Tag a la Tim Holtz and Advent

Here's my variation on Tim's 2nd Tag. Since I didn't have any of the supplies mine turned out a little different but I'm really happy with it.

I was a little stumped on how to recreate his wreath; what I came up with was so simple - I painted a piece of twine with acrylic paint. Told you it was simple :-)

and here's Tim's original:

For our 2nd Advent game the boys unwrapped Zombie Fluxx. We were all laughing ourselves silly when my eldest played the rule that makes you groan loudly every time you draw a zombie "creeper" card. It was hilarious and that game is a fave of ours.

but we could only play through one round because we went to the opening night of Annie.

Waiting for close to an hour in freezing rain for our tickets made the warmth inside the theater so welcoming and festive.

Thanks for the wonderful response to my tulle and spool garland. You're all so incredibly sweet.


Crafty Mischief said...

Your tag is lovely! What a fun family you have!

Juls said...

fabulous! love the touch of bling! Hugs Juls

MaryC said...

I like yours better...honestly!
You asked if I ever did any of these and the answer is 'no'. I have either not had time or not had the stuff. He uses a lot of stuff!
The tag for today I really am tempted. At least to try the inking technique. And tempted to get the stamp...that's really the point, right? To get us to buy more stuff?

grrlpup said...

I love Fluxx! And I had no idea they'd put out theme versions. Must investigate. :D

Helena Davey said...

Beautiful! Love the jewel on the top.