Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Card Set & Advent

This is another card set I made using my CupCards {to go) Holiday Kit. When you know you'll be hand delivering a christmas card it's fun  to make the envelope extra-special too.

And for advent last night we unwrapped our well-loved Yahtzee game and played a few rounds. I always feel like opening up our Yahtzee case is a lot like an archaeological dig. We never throw out the papers if there are unfilled columns left so you'll see notations like, 'Nana, Christmas '05' and such wonderful little reminders of people we love. It's neat to sift through them and find one of your own that has been used on and off for years. Brayden and I always decorate the borders or write notes on the backs. 


MaryC said...

I love that too. We never throw our papers away either. We have some that are so old, the girls were small. What a fun way to remember good times past.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

You really do know how to make your envelopes extra special.

I love your Yahtzee memories!

Ayana said...

This card is so cute! I love how you are crafty and an artist!

amberhelga said...

omg micole the boys r so big i just cant believe it . I love you and miss you girl

Kathi said...

Those little notes that are left in game boxes are little treasures.

We've found them in Scrabble boxes.

The card is adorable and if I were a kit person, I'd want to try that kit.