Friday, January 2, 2009

Month in Review Layouts

One thing I love about The Scrap-room is the Month in Review Designs by Brenda Carpenter. Each month that you subscribe to the kit you gain access to recipe cards for LOs and one of Brenda's is a review LO for the month before.

As an avid photo taker (I'd never say photographer - not up to snuff yet) I take thousands of pictures a year and not all of them fit neatly into a scrapbook page. Sometimes I'm just snapping pictures. These month in review (MIR for short) pages are a terrific place to include these shots in my albums.

I do my MIR LO after I've scrapped all the pics from that month. Sometimes I get behind but having the MIR shell in my album helps me to know the space is saved.

If you don't scrapbook much or at all, this is a great way to record your memories alongside your photos. Twelve LOs a year isn't too daunting a task.

Another fun option is twelve on the twelfth. On the 12th of each month you take twelve pictures of what's going on in your house/life. You can also take fewer pics and add in notes to make up the difference. We're starting a 12 on the 12th group at the Odd Bird Planet forums, you can read the thread here.

And here are my MIR LOs from 2008. Thanks for looking (as you can see, a bunch still need photos and journalling).

Title Page:








August: Needs pics and notes.

September: Woops, missed that one. Better get cracking.

October: Still needs pictures and notes

November: We haven't got the design for this one yet. It'll be in the January kit.

December : Needs pics

My favorite 12x12 albums are from Costco and they don't seem to be making them anymore. Does anyone have a suggestion for albums I should get for 2009?


Laura said...

I love your layouts and pictures. I wish I had the patience to put together stuff like that. I take lots of pictures, but I have ADD and need to practically have instant gratification. I have tried, and I am willing to try again, you have inspired me.... lets see if it comes to fruition. Have a great day!

itsallrosi said...

These are great pages! I'm a big fan of the American Crafts D ring albums.

Claudette said...

I'm very impressed with all the pages. Since SA closed I've fallen behind in the scrapbook world.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused by 12on12th. Is it a photo thing? Or is it a LO thing using the photos taken on the 12th?