Thursday, September 4, 2008

Brilliant and Overweight

Catchy title, no?

I'm on day 103 of my diet and it is going really well. I have had a handful of illnesses and the immune response hasn't completely killed my spine like it has done since the onset of this crummy disease. I'm just thrilled to be healing more than degenerating. I'm down 31.5 pounds and have crossed the BMI threshold from obese to overweight. Which makes me happy even though I don't buy into the whole BMI thing. I have lots of muscle, large bones and and even larger chest, I look good around 135 - not 105 like the charts suggest. So 136 is my goal which happens to be the exact weight I was on my wedding day. Hopefully I'll get there before my birthday in February.

Thank you Susan and Angela for nominating me for a Brillante Blog Award.

Here's how this award works:
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I nominate the following artists:
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2. Sarah's Blog by Sarah
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CathyR said...

Congrats on your weight loss. And I think you have a brilliant blog too.

Betsy V said...

Thank you so much Niki! Oh, and I loved seeing your layout in the latest BHG! I recognized it right away! :-)