Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I joined a new networking site this week called TwitterMoms. I'm usually not much of a social networker but the ladies there are pretty cool and the special interest groups lean towards art, cooking, crafts and education. All my faves. There is also a thriving bunch of writers, lots of knitters etc.

This afternoon I started a group over there called Vegetarian and Vegan Moms with the purpose being to share recipes and ideas.

If any of you are interested in finding me (and other scrapbookers, knitters and writers) over there here's my profile and I recommend checking out the groups as a good way to get involved.

Here are a few things I've made lately, simple, down home cards:


Jennifer said...

These cards are wonderful! And I looked at the site and am thinking about joining but I feel bad because I'm not a "MOM"...don't want to come off as misleading! lol...Veggie Question for ya...have you tried Quinoa yet!?

Angela said...

Those cards are awesome.