Thursday, September 18, 2008


I have tons of wavy hair that borders on curly and it in near to impossible for me to find hair doo-dads that actually do the job they were purchased for. This weekend at the Salt Lake City Farmers Market I set aside my fear of head lice and let let the adorable sales gal show me how their headbands work - AND IT WAS AWESOME!

Pink Bench Headbands aren't cheap but they really stay put in your hair and don't hurt at all. I wore one all day while doing errands, playing with the kids and messing about with the dog and it didn't slide a millimeter. That's pretty cool. My head felt great - no headaches or little teeth to drill into your skull.

There is a velcro bit that sticks to your hair and the bottom part you tie. Very worth the money.

And a tip that I never knew and so I'm passing on in case you didn't know either: if you are tying something in your hair, put your hair up in a clip, tie the knot and then let your hair down and style. Stupid me, I always either hung my head upside down or tied the knot under my hair almost always resulting in knotted hair. Ouch.

P.S. The hairband in the picture is the one I bought - I thought it was so pretty and goes with everything.


Anonymous said...

What a cool idea, thanks for sharing this!

Amanda said...

I’ve bought these in the past and loved them. I’m looking for more of them. Do you know where I can find them?