Monday, September 15, 2008

Missed Me?

My mom flew back to Canada this morning it was a great visit and she will definitely be missed. While she was here we went to the Utah State Fair and bummed around SLC showing her the sights. MOst of all we just hung out, took long walks and caught up on each others lives.

After she and Chris left this morning we started school up for the '08-'09 school year. There wasn't a lot of fanfare considering it was the first day back - I went upstairs to change my clothes and came down to three boys with their noses in their workbooks. Easy peasie.

Speaking of boys, here are some very cute pics of my littles and a goofy pic of me:


Claudette said...

treasure those moments of family visits and thanks for sharing with that nose Nicole..LOL

Angela said...

Love the photo of you.
Glad you guys had a great visit.

MaryEllen said...

I too love the picture! The hair is *great*!

And so happy to hear about your good time with your mom!