Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Odd Bird Planet, Friends and QVC

Checked out the Odd Bird Planet Blog this AM and saw my name. *Squeal*

I've been a fan of Odd Bird Planet (and before that Just Johanna) stamps since I discovered them so this is a major thrill.

Wish me luck!

And while I'm requesting stuff, can you remember me in your prayers? My back really tanked last night and I'm just a hair better than immobile. I'm counting my blessings as I can get to the bathroom so I don't need to dehydrate myself but I can't do much more. GRRRRRRRR!

Have I mentioned lately that I know some of the nicest people on the planet? On Friday night I posted to the girls at TSR that I used my scraps of paper to make the front of this:

and had no paper left for the back. I looked all over the place to buy some more but met with no success at all. Heidi and Cathy came to my rescue and each of them sent me their pieces. Thanks so much ladies. You both rock! Now my pretty little book won't be backless.

Anyone watching the QVC Paper Craft Fair? I Tivoed it because I usually can get through an hour in less than five minutes. I was watching the ones that taped in the night and was surprised by how much I liked. Either I'm really ill (possible) or they are debuting some seriously adorable papers. My favorite was the Anna Griffin animal print collection - seemed like it would be fun for punky, pin-up type, derby girl style cards; which makes me laugh as Anna Griffin, who is off-the-chart awesome, is anything but punk or edgy.


Jennifer said...

VERY NICE! And I haven't caught anything on QVC yet but will have to try...when does it end?

Perky Nihilist said...

I think it ends around 2:00 PM MT.

MaryC said...

Hey girl! So sorry you aren't feeling the best. I'll remember you in my prayers.
Congrats on the DT! WooHoo! You are cookin' girlfriend.
Also, love the book. Really sweet.

Hope said...

Nicole, I squealed, too, when I saw your name of that list!! Anxiously awaiting the final results. I'm so sorry that your back is bumming. I'll be thinking about you.

Claudette said...

squeal,squeal,squeal....how exciting for you! I've been working with johanna since she started OBP and loved every minute of it. Keeping my fingers crossed!
Hope your feeling better soon, will hold you in prayer.

Mandy said...

How pretty! Love all those layers!!

Anonymous said...

Very cute!