Sunday, April 5, 2009

ATC's and Posies

The theme of the last ATC swap at TSR was buttons so I made this one for Daisy. I had the teeniest buttons in my stash and had no idea where to use them. The small scale of the ATC was just the right proportion to use them.

Janine, this month's TSR diva, is having two guest designers each day make samples of a certain kind of homemade or altered embellishment. Today I was tapped to make fabric posies and this is what I came up with:

Close ups:

And here's the sort of thing you can do with fabric posies:

Healthy: Ate a decent breakfast at a proper time. You have no idea how I struggle with this simple task.
Wealthy: Making a week's worth of meals. Hopefully we'll keep our one week without restaurant streak going.
Wise: Did my reading assignment first thing this morning.


Tiff said...

Cute ATC :) And I just heart those posies...I'd wear one in my hair right now if I had one!

It's tough...the whole eating at a restaurant thing! We live out in the middle of no where, so we can usually go 1 1/2-2 weeks.

Claudette said...

Like the flowers....

You've been busy I see today, I'm working on rearranging my craft room, just becaue I purchased a

Love eating out.... but after being gone so long, its great making a few home made favorite dishes this week. However to cook meals for the week in advance I would find that hard to do.

CathyR said...

I love your posies especially the felt one. I love the ACT too. I had a really hard time with the button one. Hopefully the next one will be easier.

Debbie, said...

Love the buttons on the ATC and your flowers are fab!

Linsey said...

OMgoodness, are these ever fabulous! What a talented and inspiring crafter you are, miss Nicole!! Where the heck have I been? Your blog is awesome and so are these fabric flowers and wonderful card! :)

Etha said...

ohhhh I love your button ATC, super super!! and all the fabric flowers are just amazing :) what fun!

Kelly said...

I love the atc and the flowers are just adorable!!!