Friday, April 17, 2009


This video was made by the Government of Canada to get new information out quickly on YouTube:

Mounties? Check!
Hockey? Check!
Poutine? Check!
The Queen? Check!
Maple Syrup? Check!
Hockey Player? Check!

Could they include any more stereotypes??? Gotta love a country that doesn't take itself too seriously :-)

Edit: My friend E brought it to my attention that a lot of people who would have been granted Canadian citizens under the old rules lost their citizenship yesterday. Which is no laughing matter at all. You can read about it here and here I wonder though (and will look into it further) if they couldn't register their kids as babies born abroad. Up until yesterday our boys were NOT Canadian unless registered as such due to be born out of Canada even though Chris and I are both Canadian citizens born in Canada. As far as I understand - at this point - the people most effected are the third generation born abroad (for example, our grandchildren).

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Elizabeth said...

Huh. The announcement I read about this said that some people would be LOSING Canadian citizenship, too. In that context: this guy is overjoyed, but we're not going to talk about the people who had their maple syrup, poutine, hockey players and maple leafs ripped away from them while they slept? Which, in the world of the PSA, we can assume is a trauma to match this guy's joy?