Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Skiing, Cooking, Life

Chris took yesterday off work so he could take the boys skiing during the last week of ski season. I don't fully approve of skiing so our deal is that I don't have anything - and by anything I mean any work - to do with it and it is wholly and entirely a dad and boy thing.

Our Bubby just topped 61 pounds and he is still a crazy-man on a leash so when they ski the pup goes to doggy daycare. Chris and the boys got to Pets Hotel only to realize they didn't have a leash. After wrestling him into the building (past all the pets, treats, toys and EXCITEMENT!) they got him settled and headed to Solitude. There were some mishaps on the way - like sliding down a slippery hill and nearly hitting a Land Rover - but the biggest was when they were getting their gear on and realized Brayden hadn't brought a jacket. Such a Brayden thing to do. You have to check, double-check and then check again with that boy. Then Chris realized he hadn't brought the ski passes. Such a Chris thing to do. You have to check, double-check... Brainy and Chris are so alike!

So they drove an hour home, got the leash, jacket and passes and four hours later were skiing. Poor guys. It does serve as a nice explanation as why I am so anal about asking questions like, " Do we have everything? Passes, coats, leashes etc." Because if you don't ask those irritating questions over and over you end up leaving things behind. I had tried to call when they were only a few minutes from home but they were using the iPhone as an iPod so music trumped messages.

Trying to decide how to best use my time without kids was a toughie. There was a lot of things needing to be done but I was just dragging. I decided to cook meals for the whole week so I could bank about an hour or more each day and make room for our additional school schedule. I made:

Pesto and mock ricotta stuffed shells:

Tofu Cacciatore:

Curried Chickpeas and Potatoes:

White bean and tempeh sausage patties:

Not pictured as they haven't been made into patties and cooked yet.

and Mocha Chip Vegan Muffins:

I kept a colander of trimmed spinach next to the stove and shredded it into everything. I was amazed at how it either made no difference at all or it added a little something to most dishes. For me, if I want to make sure we use something keeping it on hand like that really helps.

While making the white bean and tempeh patties I got violently ill. It was horrible. I managed to get most of the food into the fridge and collapsed on the couch. When everyone came home hours later they were all shocked by how horrible I looked. I was so sick. Ugh. So much for goofing off all afternoon after working all morning. Today I feel quite a bit better - if only by comparison.

In the end, the boys had a good day skiing with dad and I got a lot done - but the details were killer.


chksngr said...

you make vegan look so good!!! Sorry you got sick...that really just...well...SUCKS!

MaryC said...

First, how do you manage it all?
Second, so sorry you got sick.
Third, aren't labs the most fun and excitable pets?
Lastly, where do you find wheat free shells? I've looked everywhere. And the muffins, are they wheat free?
My mouth is watering at the photos.
Looks delish!

Susan said...

Love your meals! I make a mean Szechuan Tofu!! The tasty part is the peanut butter & garlic. Next time I make it, I'll dig & post the recipe on my blog!

Emilyt said...

Hope you feel better Nicole.
Your dishes look delishes. ;)
Do you make cocoa muffins with zucchini? Mmm those are good and I'd love a recipe!

Shawnna Samples said...

first let me say BRAVO
I really need to do this for at least 3 or 4 days a week --- I could really use the time to study or just hang out with my family

I am so sorry you are sick
that stinks :(

sending some prayers your way

Marie Levite said...

mmmm those muffins look yummy! You were a busy girl!!

Claudette said...

Eat Smart, Be Fit and Live Well....my motto, but I can't get into your type of diet. However your vegan type dishes sound and look great always.
Sorry to hear your ill again, take care.

Kristen Hermanny said...

I love the look of your dishes!!! I just had jalepeno noodles last night. They were wheat flour though. We eat brown rice noodles at our house quite often, and they are real good!

We eat meat, but we are "Clean Eaters". Healthy fats, no dies, no artificial anything. If God didn't make it that way, we don't eat it. We have lost weight this way and DH and my labs look way better than the last one. So, it's well worth it.

Are you strict Vegan??? I have a friend who is Vegan and she will eat an animal that has led a natural life, like a fish one would catch herself.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Just looking at this makes me want to be Vegan. Who knew it could look this delish!