Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Day Sneak Peek

Are you excited about the Earth Day challenges tomorrow? I am. In fact I made a bunch more stuff than I intended to because I was having so much fun. Life is short - we need to play all we can.

Wanna peek?

Hope you check back tomorrow and join in.


Claudette said...

love your peek.....what a tease you are! Will have to come back tomorrow to view the completed cards.

Etha said...

such beautiful peeks :) love that little bird in the bright red, super!

Kristen Hermanny said...

Good thing I went on FB and saw your post about this!!! There is a Recycled Challenge at 365 Cards today too, and an Earth Day theme at Diana Evan's the Daily art stop.
You should submit your recycle projects there too, I don't think there are prizes like you have.
These are all so cool. I am not good about using pieces up, so I put them in a bag and bring them to my Card Club. Someone there is always glad to use them up. It is way better than throwing them away.

We have a recycling area in our building, but 70% of said people do not speak or thoroughly understand English. Our bins are always chock full of garbage! It is really sad. Maybe I could make a visual!

Mother Earth is happy with you :) And so am I!!!