Friday, July 25, 2008

Finished, Finished and Fun

I decided I was strong enough to do our weekly errands last night and am really paying for it. Grrr. Healing is so SLOW! But, while at Costco I bought New Moon and Eclipse and manages to read all 500+ pages of New Moon last night while clutching my heating pad and waiting for the pain to stop. It was very good too. I'm about 80 pages into Eclipse and am still hooked.

When I replied to the editor at Family Fun I had said I'd get the essay to her by the end of the week so I was working on it the last few days. I finally had a completed draft I was happy with. Then I reread her email and realized I had written what I thought she wanted, not what she had actually said she wanted at all. I was working off the idea I sent her and somehow missed the direction she wanted the piece to take. Foolish girl! So I rewrote the piece, following her guidelines this time and it came together within an hour. I had just been talking to the boys about the importance of answering the actual question, not what you think a person is asking. Then we talked about doing the job you were asked to do, not what you think the person asked. Then I do this. Obviously they come by their interpretive replies naturally. This was a great teachable moment for them as they knew how hard I struggled to make the first version just right and what a drag it was to have to waste all that work.

There is a very fun online crop going on a The Scrap-room today and through the weekend. The challenges posted so far have been really cool and I encourage anyone who's crafty to go and check it out.

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MaryEllen said...

I just renewed my subscription to FamilyFun, largely because I have to see your bit in it! I always like to look at the magazine, but I so seldom actually act on anything I read that I was thinking maybe I should just give it up. So thanks for giving me a really big reason not to let my subscription lapse! : )