Thursday, July 31, 2008


Helen Mirren is a full on goddess. Seriously. The woman who played the queen is sixty-three years old and look at her in this candid and un-photoshopped picture! She looks fabulous.

I think at thirty-five, instead of looking at eighteen year olds for inspiration as to what a healthy toned body looks like I'll look to ladies a little farther down the path.

Some other over-forty babes:

Demi Moore (okay, she's had a lot of work but WOW)
Elizabeth Hurley
Jennifer Lopez
Halle Berry
Heather Locklear
Selma Hayek
Sharon Stone (yes, she's CRAZY but she looks good)

Who is your inspiration for a healthy body? Who would you swap shape with if such things were possible? Who has hair you love?

I think my answers would be:

A. Demi Moore
B. Demi Moore
C. Demi Moore


Anonymous said...

I've always loved Demi Moore's hair too. I had no idea Helen Mirren was so buff!

I guess for health/body inspirations I look to runners and adventurers, like Lynne Cox the long-distance swimmer, the late Susan Butcher the Iditarod racer, and some of the runners on the ultrarunning listserv I read. Genetics determines whether I'll ever look faintly like them or not, but I love how they're out there doing stuff-- especially if they do families and jobs, too.

Sonda T said...

oh i hear ya! She is an amazing woman!

Claudette said...

this just made me depressed.....back to the gym

Perky Nihilist said...

Hey grrlpup:

Demi Moore's hair is SO awesome. As a curly haired blonde I can't get enough of long straight brown hair.

Your answer was so inspiring and so you - my beautiful, running, adventuring friend :-)

Perky Nihilist said...


She sure is!

(and so are you!)

Perky Nihilist said...


Sorry to depress you. *grin*

I posted that pic to be inspiring. Whenever I think of my diet in less-than-happy terms I imagine looking that good and it really helps.