Saturday, July 26, 2008


Last weekend I rifled through my grown out clothes bag and my closet has felt wonderfully full ever since.

This morning I tried on a bunch of my "regular" clothes and they are officially unwearable. I'm elated. I sorted the batch into things to have taken in and things to give to good will. Then I went to put on my last pair of jeans that fit and there was a big hole in the thigh. Oh, the horror!

I recalled a poorly placed mail order a few years back that resulted in amy ownership of a black pair of jeans with gold embroidery down the outside seam. I could only slide them over my hips with the greatest effort. The zipper was pulled into the largest wedge it could form without tearing. Since they were seven dollars, it seemed it would cost more to return them than keep them or give them away.

At the bottom of my drawer they were neatly folded and waiting to be called into action. I was nervous - they were really, really small and I couldn't possibly have changed shape that much. I tried my linen pants on instead and the waist was about four inches too large for me. So I grabbed the jeans and they slid on and did up comfortably. They don't even pinch or bind when I sit, not in the least.

I have been feeling so provided for. Every time I run out of something, like jeans, a new pair miraculous presents itself. And yes, they were in the drawer all along but how many people get to shop for new clothes out of their dresser?


Sonda T said...

AWESOME Nicole! I love it when things like that happen!

Perky Nihilist said...


Those jeans were so small - it was great to get them on and done up.

Couldn't believe it when I saw they were dry clean only though - crazy! I'll just hand wash them.

Have fun at the library with Bay this today.