Friday, February 13, 2009

February Sheetload of Cards

I just love Sheetload of Cards and after missing the last two months I was determined to make a stack this month. The concept is genius!

My challenge was that I wanted to make boy cards. Not crafty-girl-makes-a-card-that-is-boy-friendly but a card a boy would actually think is cool. So no ribbon, no buttons, no cool sprocket that look like flowers to a little boys eye. None of my usual fall backs. I also wanted to make a flat card *gasp* because I'm tired of paying the additional shipping only to have things squished in the mail.

This is what I came up with and my three tween boys heartily approved:


I used cupcake creature and orange you sweet from Odd Bird Planet.

Did you know OBP are having a sale on their limited edition kits. Fairytales! Monkeys! Ladies Dancing! Love it :-)


CathyR said...

Cute. I love the cupcake creature.

Beth Norman said...

So cute. I love the bright colours.

Kathi said...

Those are great. The cupcake martian thingy is adorable. The sentiment is genius. (hahahahahahaha)

Ann said...

LOVE the bright, fun colors!