Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yes, I did!

We're having a great time in Disneyland. Everyone has fairly brutal colds but you tend to forget about them when zipping around on a rolller coaster. One fun thing I did was take pictures on California Screamin' I thought I was going to be busted for sure. This is in the middle of the upside down loop:

Brayden sitting beside me - I had to get the camera outside the restraints, no small task:

And Trenton in the car behind me:

Yes, I'm a bad girl - but I got the shot *grin*

Some others from our day, the Birthday Boy:

Avery ( I was mad for the texture and color under the Golden Gate Bridge - what a backdrop! ):

I'll post more tomorrow :-)


Tiff said...

I love your pics against the golden gate too!!!! I'm seeing some cuttlebugged letters or something bumpy for your layouts!!!!

CathyR said...

Cool pictures. Can't wait to see the layouts. Have fun.

Laura O'Donnell said...

oh, you're blogging on the road. pics are great!

MaryC said...

FYI - My Brother-in-Law's company built the GG Bridge and the big Mountain at CA Adventures.

Kathi said...

Those photos are amazing.

You're insane (but in a good way). :D