Monday, February 16, 2009

Monster Trucks and Tattoos

This weekend we got out and did a few fun things around town. On Saturday afternoon we attended Monster Jam. In Canada during monster truck shows a Godzilla truck comes out and eats a small car after ripping it in two and then burns it with it's dragon's breath. They also have jet cars that incinerate a vehicle. This was more races and obstacles with minimal destruction. Once we figured out the difference it was a good time. We're still way too Canadian for all that yelling and Rah! Rah! style patriotism but we did the wave and did our best to join in. Click on the pic to see it larger.

Then for our date, Chris and I went to the 6th annual SLC Tattoo Convention. There were artists from all over the world and they were busy getting everyone inked. When I was much younger I worked in a tattoo shop for a summer and the convention gave me that good to be home feeling. At one point one of the artists asked us if we owned our own shop. I think we blended in just fine. Looking at all the flash and through the image books had me positively twitching to get home and create something. It was very inspiring. Someday I want to get my tattoo covered with something meaningful. It was great to see so many masterfully done cover-ups.

I bought a shirt that is very similar to my favorite stamp. I'll have to get one of the boys to snap a picture of me wearing it to show you all. Tres cool. So, who knows which stamp is my favorite? Not stamp line - a specific stamp.

P.S. The LO above doesn't have any stamps in it. It's wholly comprised of flyers, stickers, business cards and other hand outs from the artists and shops who's booths we visited.

Teaser: this week I'll be posting a recipe a tutorial and an announcement.


Jennifer said...

Great LO and sounds like a fun time at the "tat" place! LOL

Tiff said...

Is your fave stamp a bombshell stamp??? It would suit the tat art theme!?

Your layouts rock! My hubby has a barcode on his arm (vonnegut reference) and he hates it now b/c the lines are running together forming a plain rectangle! ROFL... I told him it'll come in handy when the boys are learning their shapes ;)

Can't wait to see your tutorial!!!

Anonymous said...

You have a Tattoo of Youthful Indiscretion? *dying of curiosity*

My Dad has a Tattoo of Youthful Indiscretion. For a while now, I've wanted to get the same tattoo as his, just because he has it.

Claudette said...

I love the monster layout.....having had boys your layouts remind me of all the same things we did with our sons and now will experience with the grandsons.

Kathi said...

That layout is great. I love all the printed stars. It sounds like it was big fun.

Your date sounds like fun too. I'd love to go ogle all the tattoo art. I think it's soooo gorgeous. And I'm still un-tattooed (<--new word).

Hmm. I must think about which stamp is your favorite. Is it shown in that collage? Can you give us hints???

CathyR said...

It must be one of the bombshell stamps, but which one?

The layout is great, love all the stars.