Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bare Backsides???

This is my absolute favorite scrapbooking "cheat". I learned it from the estimable Brenda Carpenter and I use it all the time.

Many of my pages have bare backsides. *giggle* Seriously.

Loves Mud:


I left the skinniest border here - all you really need is however much you want to show plus enough room for adhesive. By being so efficient with my paper I was able to make these two cards with the scraps:

So Big Now:


I realized I didn't have any more orange paper for matting or journal strips so after (I do not advise this) I'd attached it, so I more or less ripped out the middle next to where I had glued it down. Messy but if you look at the complete LO above you can see how much paper I salvaged.


I was careful to leave the border large enough to retain the polka dots but thin enough to allow maximum use of the paper. By doing so I was able to use the pink side to mat some of the photos on the LO, provide visual interest (the circles) and still had enough left to provide the polka dot and pink sections of this LO:

This technique has allowed me to use my paper to it's maximum potential.

All these pages were made from the May kit from The Scrap Room


CathyR said...

When I took Brenda's class I thought that was one of the best things she shared. I need to remember to do that. Thanks for the reminder.

I love all your layouts.

Claudette said...

the layouts and cards came out nice, great kit to work with.

Emilyt said...

I do that too! Funny!

Summerthyme Studio said...

These are AWESOME layouts! Nice work!