Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day Weekend

We like big signs and shameless public celebrating so BIG , BIG signs are often incorporated in our festivities.



Methinks the boys are liking my doodling class:

I would really appreciate some prayer and positive thoughts. My bone disease has been bad and all that has kept me from going to the hospital has been how rampant H1N1 is here in our county (8 dead out of the 44 nationally, most this past week).

Also a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend, Sonda who is turning 40 this weekend :-)


Melyssa R said...

The sign is awesome! Your house is beautiful. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. :-(

Claudette said...

I pray the Touch of the Master's Hand is on you.

The sign is groovy, I love family projects...yes shout it from the roof tops or in your case the garage door.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you're hurting. It sucks! You're in Elizabeth's and my thoughts every day.

I love garage signs! I have photos somewhere of the "It's a Girl" signs my dad made when my sister and I were born. And high school graduation signs, too. Nothing like family pride! :)

Happy Father's Day (weekend) and I hope you're all at the top of your game again soon.

Tiff said...

I agree with Melyssa, your house is just beautiful! I love your sign! There is no shame in that! And i heart the doodling influence!

Etha said...


Elizabeth R. said...

Nicole, I am so sorry that you are in pain and not doing well. I will keep you in my prayers for sure.

Your house is lovely!

BettyAnn Maki said...

Dad and I love the sign. You teach you children well.
love you.