Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day Dad

I have the best father in law in the whole world. He is creative, fun-loving, generous and more a father to me than any of the three dads I had growing up. The last year and a half have been hard for him and he's been an incredible example of how to be noble and others oriented even when your own life is turned upside down.

Dad, I love you dearly. Seldom a day goes by that Chris, the kids or I don't say, " Gee, Dad/Grandpa would really enjoy this. I wish he was here."

Happy Father's Day!

Male cards are so hard; no flourishes, scallops, buttons, cute ribbon... Stamps used: Decorative corner Purple Onion Designs, Playing card Stampin' Up


BettyAnn Maki said...

My Precious Nicole,
Your message warmed my heart, it brought tears to my eyes. No one could ask for a better daughter.
I love you lots. Miss you.
Your dad.

Claudette said...

Nice job on the Father's Day card. Love the use of the playing card. My husband rolls his eyes when I attach embellishments to any of his cards, especially a bow...LOL

Kristen said...

Very beautiful card and great story to go along with it. I am glad you love your FIL so much. I like the inking on the embossing.
Have a Great DAY!!!!

Summerthyme Studio said...

Love all the texture that you have going on in this card!!!! It's fab!!! Wonderful Message as well!!!

Ann said...

Very nice masculine card!

Jana M. said...

Nicol, great card! Take care.