Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Biscuits are Burning!

Good Morning :-)

Today is already looking to be several shades of wonderful. The boys are finished their chores and are walking the dog before starting their school work. Tip for homeschoolers - some nice exhausting exercise before lessens really reduces squirminess.

Plus, my butt is not on fire.

Yes, you read that right. You don't need more coffee. Yesterday around dinner time I put hot pepper cream on my back. It has both menthol and capasin so initially it felt nice and soothing. But as the night wore on it got hotter, and hotter, and HOTTER! Finally around 11:00 PM I took a look at my sore, flaming back and saw big red welts. I jumped in a cool shower only to discover it wasn't cool enough. At this point I was feeling like a Looney Tunes character - just call me Daffy. Soap. Rinse. Soap. Rinse. All it did was make the welts worse. Then I remembered that I have some cream for after at-home micro-dermabrasion that is supposed to stop chemical reactions and soothe irritated skin. So I slathered that on too. Finally around 2:00 AM the fire was quenched and my back was sunburnt looking as opposed to swollen. The pain dudes claim that hot pepper cream "distracts your brain from the pain in your back" That is certainly an understatement. I thought I'd share my experience in case any of you with sensitive skin were considering giving it a try. Also, use it very sparingly.

On my friend Tiff's blog I saw that Limelight Papercrafts is celebrating their first anniversary. Lorie posted a really cute sketch challenge that I thought I would combine with Kathi's red, white, blue and stars challenge.

Here's the sketch:

I print my sketches out - using "contact sheet" in iPhoto I get 4-9 per page depending on how detailed they are - and the peachy-pink (looks black on screen) was really hard to see at 1:00 AM while waiting for my bum to stop burning. I mistook the Limelight Papercrafts watermark for a top right corner detail. Oops. Here's the card:

Stamps: Bombshell
Paper: Basic Grey


Lorie said...

I think this is GREAT and I love the corner detail...mistake or not it looks wonderful! :o) Thanks for playing along!

Barbara said...

Love the card and all the details! That string of sequins is such a cute addition!

Kathi said...

I think the corner mark repeats the red and adds balance to the layout.

It's a wonderful card with great coloring. I love the sequins too.

BTW, re your comment on my blog. Thank you, though I think that it's the other way around!

And finally, thanks for playing along with my challenge!

Lisa said...

Super freakin' wonderful. And the corner detail (whether an "oops" or not) looks really great!

Glad to hear that you're healing, but sorry that you were up so late from that Hot Pepper cream. Ugh. At least you were supremely creative during that time. Way to be! :)

Claudette said...

once again you nailed it....totally awesome card

Laura O'Donnell said...

Sorry to hear about the pepper burn - ouch!

Your card is fab, as always!

Mandy said...

Wow! I LOVE that string of sequins! Totally fabulous! Glad your butt is extinguished. ;)

Anonymous said...

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