Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gauche Alchemy Color Joy!

Sorry for the silence. Things have been difficult lately and I haven't been able to craft at all. *grrrrr* But, I have been able to shop and that can be really fun too :-)

Gauche Alchemy is one of the coolest companies I know. They sell paper crafting/collage kits and one even included one of my favorite Bombshell Stamps ever. See... told you they are way cool. You can see their shop here and their blog is a constant source of inspiration. To top all that, Amy the owner is just about the nicest person you'll ever meet so you can feel good about sending business her way.

What loosened up my credit card in this trying economy are the Mixed Media Kits. They are organized by color and have every sort of wonderful doo-dad and what's-it you could ask for. Here's some examples:

I bought black, red, white and orange. Here's what I got:

My mind is buzzing with all the cool projects I want to make. If you are the kind of person (like me) who sorts your stash by color, these little baggies of joy are an incredible purchase. It's like having a super-cool personal shopper. And at four bucks, you can't go wrong.

Funny story, when the parcel arrived my DH and boys all came running because I was squealing with joy. The boys were at least as enthusiastic as I was and tried to spirit off several of the cooler game pieces and patches. Chris came into the room and said, " You bought bags of crap???" and wandered off. Now the boys keep referring to my treasures as the "Red BoC" or "Orange BoC" which sends them into fits of laughter.

P.S. I'm not affiliated with Gauche Alchemy in any way. I just think they're a very gush-worthy company.


Bombshell Stamps said...

Great blog post Niki, and I love your BOC's!!! Amy's got it together, let me tell ya! I'm gonna have to give their site a more recent visit... Thanks for sharing!

Marie Levite said...

Those are gush worthy BOC's!! Have fun creating.

chksngr said...

I'd pay $4 for that orange BOC just to get that star fish card...super cool!

take a little piece of my art said...

OMG!!!! I'm so glad I saw your mixed media piece on PCP!!! I have been looking for a place to buy BOC!!!! LOL I live in Vermont and there are NO good stores here!!! I'm going to that website NOW!!! I'm psyched...can ya tell???!!!! Love your stuff by the way!

kasmello said...

Love the "boy" comments....they just don't understand. I love BoC!!!