Thursday, June 18, 2009


Yesterday while watching movies with my sick boys I spent some time working on a page of doodles as my warm-up project. It was done balancing paper on my knee so there are some wonky bits. But it's a doodle, not a drawing so I'm happy with it.
Do any of you remember filling pages with doodles in high school during boring classes? Making this page brought back a lot of fun memories.

After I was done I decided to color it. I used everything on this page - copics, water based markers, colored sharpies, pencil crayons... I thought it was a great opportunity to see what ran and what pens played nice. The finished page is less than perfect but I'm happy with all the discoveries I made.

The boys haven't seen a full page of doodles before and it really inspired them to make their own. I hope they take the time to sit down and make one. I'd love to see what cool things their little minds come up with.


Godelieve said...

WOOOOOOOOOW!!! Looks fabulous!!

Claudette said...

I look at this and think of (spiderweb, torso, bricks, etc. )

What a great doodle and you feel you need a class in, believe me girl you can give one.

GlitteryKatie said...

Very cool!!!

Etha said...

wow this is incredible! love your coloring :) Those type of doodles are so fun to make, but I could never do the coloring :)

Carmen said...

This is gorgeous! You could frame it and hang it on your wall! It's lovely :)