Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Barstool From Another Planet

I've been reading a lot of books by Kathy Cano-Murillo aka: Crafty Chica the last few weeks and it has inspired me to make our house a little more us and a little less builder/spec house.

Starting with our barstools seemed like as good a place as any as a barstool is a small project that injects a shot of color into the room.

Here's the first one I have finished:


I sealed the whole stool with glitter varnish but am having a bear of a time getting it to show in the pictures. Here's glimpse:

Amy of Gauche Alchemy awesomeness, wrote a very sweet blog post about my last project. You can see it here. Thanks, Amy.


Tiff said...

Nicole, I think it's perfect! It's a conversation piece! I think it's the perfect fit for any bar top!

Tara said...

Well of COURSE you are awesome. I didn't need that little clock over to gauche alchemy to tell me so ;-)

MaryC said...

If only I had your moxie. I really want to paint the inside of my pantry bright red but am afraid of the feedback. You rock. I am a Nicole Wanna-Be.

Laura said...

WOW! That looks fabulous! :)

chksngr said...

I had to laugh at Mary...she wants to paint the INSIDE of her pantry but is afraid somebody will laugh???? Who will be INSIDE her pantry? Well...my son would, if he was there...he would say "Bye Mary! Bye Mommy!" and then close the door and giggle like a mad-man...I could never do this...because the fringe would be ripped off by one two-year-old set of chubby fingers just itching to hold it in close. Maybe when he's older. BUT I love that YOU do it...I can live vicariously through you! SO SO Cute!!!

Laura O'Donnell said...

so super cool!