Saturday, July 11, 2009

Front Room Table

We all really like having some of our games in the front room where we play them. Since we've been wanting to chop our hideous, thirty-dollar garage sale brown coffee table into pieces, I thought altering it and having some fun wasn't too big a risk.

I spray painted the frame black and then decoupaged dice fabric to the top, center panel. I'm still covering it with coat after coat of varnish but snapped this pic so I could share:

Here is a close-up of the distressed top:

I'm itching to get back to small precise crafts like card making - hopefully soon :-)


Godelieve said...


MaryC said...

How cool. You have a knack, girl. You should sell this stuff.

Etha said...

wow that is waaaay cool! The fabric would be a bit too busy for me to actually sit and play at this table, but the looks are GREAT!!