Monday, July 27, 2009

More Color Kits

I couldn't help it. Gauche Alchemy Color Kits are just too sassy and delicious to pass on so I picked up a few more colors.

Isn't that pink card just divine????

I also snatched up this print by Stephanie Corfee:

And it is a "good" thing I got these lovelies when I did as we are about to make some financial changes that I'm sure I'll ramble on about excessively here on my blog *grin*

Talk to you later~


Marie Levite said...

Ohhh they are delicious! tfs

Anonymous said...

I really want to buy some kits now :) Thanks enabler... oooh and what's all this dirty talk about money! LOL!

Amy Wing said...

I have to say, that pink card (Ouchy) was always one of my favs. I've had that in my stash for so long and couldn't resist putting it in a color kit. I'm pleased to see that you got it, as I just randomly pull from stock and try not to think about it too much. Julie Kirk got the other one. ;)

Money is a touchy topic in our house lately. Let's just say it's not good news and leave it at that. But hey, we're clothed, fed and sheltered. What more do you need? We're also air-conditioned (a must when the weather is, like, 115 degrees), transported, and way overstocked (art AND craft supplies, natch).