Wednesday, July 8, 2009

He's Thirteen!

Good heaven! I have a teenager. Fortunately, I think he's planning on reading his way through the rough bits. We'll see about that.
Not to be a walking cliche, but I'm really too young to have a teenager.

We spent his birthday at the waterpark. My littler guys:

Here is another LO I did for Scrapbook Sussies. I got to employ one of my favorite techniques of cutting around the edge of a large pattern and tucking my photos underneath. It really helps the pics not sit on top of the page looking out of place or plunked down. I think integration is the toughest part when working with a large design.

This page was originally conceived as half of an "angel or devil" two-page spread. You can see the pics from the other half here.


MaryC said...

You are too young to have a teenager. And I do not envy you the teen years. Especially the GIRLS part.
As always, I love you boy pages. Awesome, GF!

chksngr said...

13!?!?!?! SCHNIKIES!!!! You don't seem old enough for that! Does he realize his mom isn't old enough to have a teenager? Love that page...its awesome!

Summerthyme Studio said...

Great Layout!!!! My Baby will be 13 on the 7th of AUgust.......Mannn how time flies!!!!!

MaryEllen said...

I hope Trenton's birthday was wonderful!