Thursday, July 23, 2009

Health Outlook Update

Yesterday I had my weekly doctors visit and it didn't go well. Fortunately I was all done moping so I was able to bring my happy, positive mindset to the appointment. Not to go into it all, but if any of you have experience with pain clinics and chronic care plans/teams please contact me. I'm on the emergency ~ See Her Now ~ list so it shouldn't be long before I start down this new path. Thank you Cathy for the lovely card. Your work is even more gorgeous in person.

A month or so ago I changed my outlook on this bone disease. Initially I stuck with a "wheel chairs are not an option" mantra and it has worked for me for the past four years. This past four months though, that hasn't been enough and as my mobility has been reduced, a little voice kept shrieking, " It's only a matter of time". So I changed my perspective to a less positive but a lot more fun one. My new plan has been to do everything I can while I still can, no matter how hard it is. Now I say, " Imagine how much harder this would be if I was in a wheelchair." I came on this thought when I was pondering if a doctor told me I'd lose my sight in one year, would I spend the year learning braille and set up my home for blindness or would I go and see the pyramids, the Taj Mahal, my gorgeous home province of British Columbia and try to cram in a lifetime worth of seeing to remember in the years of darkness.

With that in mind, I've been doing hard things. I'm terrified of bridges but when we were in SanFrancisco I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge. Yes, I nearly had a heart attack for fear and my legs buckled, my back spasmed, I had a really hard time. But I did it and I wouldn't have missed the view for anything in the world.

LOL. Okay I could have missed that part of the view - it was a LOOOOONG way down.

Here's some proof that we did it:

We also went to Timpanogos Caves. It's this killer hike straight up nasty, nasty switchbacks to a pitch black subterranean caving experience. It's not "limited mobility friendly" in the slightest. Chris and I were both sad that we never took Dad to the caves before he had his stroke and we wanted to learn from that mistake. So up we went. I fell five times, my legs completely canned out on me and my back said, "Uh, uh. Not gonna do it" But then I factored in the thousands of steps it took to climb Timpanogos and five bad steps didn't even make up one percent of the trip. Good thing I have a big strong husband with quick reflexes. He's getting good at catching.

They call this a trail!

The family

Inside the cave:

I'll have to think of something else too good to miss to do this weekend :-)

Tomorrow is Pioneer Day in Utah or perhaps it's called Days of '47... I've heard both. We aren't big celebraters of the Mormon pioneers but it will be nice to have Chris home for a long weekend.

The crop yesterday was a ton of fun and the winner of my challenge is Adeline Brill. Congratulations, Adeline


grrlpup said...

I love that shot of the "trail." :)

Doing everything you can while you can because it's not like it's going to get easier-- I want to adopt that too, even though I don't have the health issues that bring it into such clear focus for you. Watching older runners and hikers cut down their life lists has made me think along those lines, too.

I hope you get a break on the medical front soon-- it's been a tough time. In the meantime, I love reading about your adventures. Thinking of you guys!

Elizabeth R. said...

I have admired your attitude ever since I met you. You go GIRL! We went to a cave this weekend too! It was in Wisconsin and it's one of the largest underground caverns. I loved it.

Anonymous said...

Do you know Crazy Marcia on LJ? She has chronic pain issues, too, and has put a fair amount of effort into managing them. Not sure how much she talks about it on her journal, but she does talk about it a fair bit on the LJ comm CD-Redux. (Small group of people who knew each other, pre-LJ, on a diet and fitness board. You could probably join easy for the asking.) Anyway, it may be worth your while to ping her.

GlitteryKatie said...

Sorry your bones are getting you down hunny.
I'm loving your adventures- you GO girl!!!

CathyR said...

Man that is some trail. I love your attitude. Do it while you are able. It is a good idea for everyone. You are such an inspiration.

I'm glad you liked the card. I fell in love with the little bird and I think he will show up on lots of things in the near future.

MaryEllen said...

Good plan! "Teach us to number our days . . ." has been a verse that keeps popping up in my reading, and this seems like another take on it. Meanwhile, may you continue to defy odds, common sense estimates, and all the rest. Love you dearly. Hang in.

Tiff said...

nicole, you are such an inspiration. I love how you keep it real too. I wish I could meet you IRL and give you a gentle hug...maybe some of your grace would rub off on me. Keep that positive attitude. BTW, I really enjoyed reading this blog post.

Marie Levite said...

I'm glad to hear that you are fighting away the pain, every step of the way....literally! Your positive outlook and fighting spirit are amazing.
Oh and thanks for making me dizzy. I'm afraid of heights too!

WriterGirl said...

Hey there girlie! you are my hero on the bridges thing. I live in the Bay Area and there's one bridge I just can't stand. Kudos to you!