Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesdays are Our Monday

Most homeschoolers take Friday off for field trips or just hanging out. We skip Monday. Usually Mondays are filled with laundry, house work, baking, crafts, phone calls etc. The kids are all bedraggled after the rigors of the weekend and trying to get them to do anything more strenuous than reading is just too big a chore. We may be backwards in this but it really suits the ebb and flow of our family life.

So, Tuesdays are my Monday. The day the fun stops. The kiddos are particularly antsy this morning. My back is a wreck so taking them out to explore is not an option. I think they'll just have to suck it up and deal with it. Life is such that sometimes you have to work when you'd rather play - something we adults know all too well.

Two years ago we tried to get our environmental house in order and we did good. Part of the reason for our success was that I posted almost daily about the changes we made on my Live Journal. It really helped keep me focused. Now, with a horde of medical expenses on the viewable horizon we are going to need to get our financial house in order. It's time really. So expect this space to be cluttered with budgetary highs and lows. Among other things, I'm paring down my scrappy toys. First off I'm selling:

DoodleType Cricut Cartridge
Never Used, but opened and petted *wink*
Thirty Dollars *shipping included*
USA residents only as it keeps shipping sane. If you are outside the US please email me and we can work it out.

Remember Healthy, Wealthy and Wise? Haven't posted mine in awhile so here goes~
Healthy: Took a three day med break. Very painful, but good as I was extra-vigilant about ice, water, gentle movement etc. Plus it's good to check in when you're taking the strong stuff that you're not getting too friendly with it.
Wealthy: Working on a budget. Canceled a lot of non-essentials recently, among them Showtime, Starz, Audible, Big Fish, Netflix and The Scrap-room (*sniff*)
Wise: I'm still reading several crappy books for every book of value. But I read Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover and was pleasantly surprised.

Please leave a comment telling me your Healthy, wealthy and Wise list. I'd love to hear them.


grrlpup said...

Healthy: getting my running done before work (a necessity on days that hit 100 degrees)

Wealthy: need to figure this out after a surprise $500 vet bill.

Wise: Hope to finish chapter 2 of my calculus book today.

Debbie, said...

Healthy: Figuring out what my new stomach wants and will tolerate today. Losing weight so I can have a happy, healthy next 50 years.

Wealthy: Cutting way back on the craft supplies. Saving money for a trip to Europe next year.

Wise: Reading "The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite" by David A. Kessler, M.D.