Monday, January 20, 2014

Art Journal Live: Branch Page

I recently instituted a 'no computer until paint hits paper' rule and now I'm just over run with art journal pages that I haven't shared. So… without further preamble…

Welcome to art journal week! 

All week I'll be posting art journal pages and hopefully you'll see some ideas that inspire you get out your journals and play too.

 click image to see this full-sized

I downloaded the Art Journal Live videos from Interweave and promptly went to work following along with Dina Wakely's class. It was so awesome. 

The topic was when you hit the "now what" spot on an art journal page. The whole video was peppered with wise tips and tricks that were easily put to immediate use.

My page turned out a lot darker, in part because I didn't have any white space to begin with. I always blot off my stencils and run my brayer clean on my journal pages so it's rare I ever have plain white to begin with. But since I love color so passionately, it's never a problem.

Thanks so much for the visit, come back tomorrow to see more art journalling.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE this so much! Needed it today :)

Corrie Herriman said...

I love colour too and think this page is awesome !
Corrie x

Carmen said...

It's gorgeous - and yet again another wonderful quote!

donna!ee said...

fabulous indeed! the dark background is intriguing... ;)

Julie Ann Lee said...

Hi Nicole! I discovered your blog via Darcy W in the UK and I love what you do - this journal page; the duck and those nesty spoons are terrific. Thanks for following me on Twitter. Nice to get to know your work. Julie Ann xx

SisterMuse said...

Great post! I just found your blog recently and love what I see. I really need to do what you are doing with the no computer until paint hits the page! Life always interferes when I'm ready to paint--my son got in his first car accident 2 days before his 17th birthday. Wasn't his fault and no one was seriously injured but the car which was totaled. So now, must deal with that before painting! Thanks for your inspiration!

Lindsay @ Diary of a Crafty Lady said...

I always love looking at your art!
I have a question about the journal itself. It looks from your pictures like it is spiral bound. Is this something you purchased? If so where/ what is it called? I want to know how you can do so much with it, with paint and water and glue, and not have the pages curl. Seems like it must be pretty substantial paper