Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Thank You Cards

Hello Everyone. My computer has been on the fritz and then in the shop for most of the last four weeks and it's so good to be back. I could not figure out how to blog with my phone. I don't know how some of you do it. 
I have a ton-o-backlog on things to share but first I thought I'd start with Christmas Thank You cards as we all probably need them right now. I haven't sent mine but today is the 12th Day of Christmas so I don't consider them late… yet.
I've never made Christmas thank you cards with festive holiday paper… it just seemed odd.  Christmas is over.  But it's already strewn about  and making a mess of your crafty space and it kinda works so… 
Over on the MishMash blog I saw that Michelle had added a typed sentiment under a "Winter Wishes" element that said, "and I hope you feel better soon." Which was brilliant. So I grabbed my dribs and drabs left over from the holidays and added little thank you addendums to them. Love!


I thought I'd share this not-very-sexy but motivating health thing I'm doing. When it comes to eating right, I prefer to look at my week instead of any given day. That way you don't have to panic if you have a nutritionally questionable dinner on Monday since you might have a powerhouse veggie soup on Tuesday. 

A lot of food theory stresses the importance of variety in your diet and it's something we're focusing on. I jot down what whole foods we eat and try to make sure each of those columns are lengthy. This is last week. We're still coming off of Christmas junk food so I know we can do better but it's not bad. 
What I love is that it's easy to see we were pretty skimpy on the fruit (lots of veggies though) and legumes so this week I'll make sure to add some into the menu. It's a terrific system.

As this is our second week I made one small change; I separated whole grains and starches into two categories. Our goal would be to have the 'whole grains' list exceed the 'starches' one.

I'd love to hear how you are mindful to keep variety in your diet and if you send thank you notes for Christmas presents.


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Corrie Herriman said...

Love your thank you cards, not sure about healthy eating ! I'm not keen on veg !! lol Rather have a glass of red….
Corrie x