Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Merely to be Normal: Art Journal Week Day Two

Welcome back to Art Journal Week. I was looking at all my post and I already have ten so… art journal fortnight? 

This is so me. Anyone else relate?

One of the easiest tricks for helping your art journal pages not get away from you into chaos is to pick a color and then two colors that are very close to the 1st one. For example here I used, teal, teal with white mixed in and a little blue (ultramarine or manganese, I'm not sure). It gives you a monochromatic background that you can add as many layers as you want to without making it hard to look at. 

*Black and white don't count so I use loads of both.

After that, add in one contrasting color for pop.

While I've been known to empty the whole fridge onto a page, this formula saves oodles of time.

But I see more than one contrasting color, what gives?

Since I never start with white pages (stencil blotting, brayer cleaning and what not) there is always a little something showing through. Generally speaking, that something is enough to add interest without driving the design principles for the page. Had I left more of the mauve and orange on the left showing I would have had to approach this page differently.

Thanks for the visit. 

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Corrie Herriman said...

Love this one too !
Corrie x

Sarah said...

Love this page with a passion!

Carmen said...

Gorgeous! I love those colours peeking through at the bottom!