Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Diet, Health and Writing

I am officially thirty pounds away from my wedding weight! Yippee. It sure beats being nearly sixty pounds over. It's gotten harder as the pounds don't come off near as quick and that three weeks without exercise certainly slowed things down. But I'm continuing to lose a few pounds a week and at this rate I hope to be slim by my birthday in February.

The intestinal infection I have continues to complicate things. If I do too much the pain in my stomach is fierce and I'm still a fair distance from normal. But, I've resumed most activities and as long as I'm careful with exercise things seem to be okay. Not great but okay.

Tonight I was out of all my diet food (Thursday is grocery day) so I tried the shelf stable Pindi Chana Masala with Zeera Rice that I bought at Target. Oh my gosh! It was so good. It's chickpeas in curry sauce with basmati rice and cumin seeds. I know three months ago it would have grossed me out but now it was a step shy of heaven. I could only eat half which is a good thing since a serving was 610 calories. I don't worry about calories much anymore but that seemed high. Amazon carries it too which is doubly awesome.

I got Pam Casto's newsletter yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to see lots of opportunities for writers of shorter works like flash, essays and short stories. If your interested, leave a comment and I'll forward it to you via email.


Karen said...

Congrats on the weight loss! And hopefully your stomach thing will vanish soon. *hugs*

Perky Nihilist said...

Thanks, Karen.

I think it takes a while for your appendix, kidneys, pancreas and liver to heal up after trauma. Grrr.