Thursday, August 21, 2008

Seen Online

Sorry I haven't posted since Tuesday. Things are tres hectic trying to get ready for a trip when everything is going wrong at once. Since Tuesday we've had three sick kids (one quite sick) a sick dog, a broken iPhone, our freezer just shut off for no apparent reason and a myriad of other glitches. Thankfully we're leaving tomorrow afternoon and anything not done will have to stay undone.

I saw this great tutorial about how to make a pencil and notebook holder. It looks like this:

Brayden would love having something like that. Perhaps I'll try my hand at making one.

I did a bunch of work on Rebel earlier in the week and was horrified to see that my attempt to morph eight generic characters into six distinct ones did not go as smoothly as I had imagined. "You" would be sitting on a couch talking to Soren and suddenly he'd be Rob for a page or two. There were scenes where both the new and the old characters were present - it's a real bowl of spaghetti. Fortunately my new characters are distinct enough that I can figure out who should be in the scene and change the names accordingly. It kind of makes my eyes cross though.

We leave for Canada tomorrow afternoon after we drop off doggie. Since he's sick, I feel much better about leaving him at PetsHotel as his vet is about twenty feet away and they assured us they will check on him and administer medical care as needed while we're away.

I'll try to post from Thunder Bay but will not be online our six days on the road. Have a great rest of August everyone. We'll be back somewhere around the 1st.


Comptons said...

Have a great and safe trip! I hope you are all healthy, including Chocolate, before you have to leave!

Susan Costanza (aka:SusieQScrapbook) said...

I nominated you for a blog award today! Check it out:


Angela said...

Looks like Susan beat me to it, but I nominated you too.

Have a safe trip Nicole, will be thinking of you.

Hope said...

Have a great trip, Nicole! I love that pencil case. Maybe I can squeeze another project in -- Sam would love it.

Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

That notebook does look kewel!