Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Perseids Meteor Shower

Man, am I ever wiped out. (Chris said it's the 2000s, we should probably give up "man" and switch to "dude" but I feel a little too old to say, "Dude, I'm really wiped out!") Yesterday we drug ourselves through the last nine or so Parade of Homes. I felt awful as allergies have spiked up to 7.4 and my immune system is going nutty so subsequently my back is very swollen. We finally made it home around 8:00 PM and the boys didn't get to sleep until well after ten. Later it occurred to me that the Perseids were last night and we needed to get up in two hours or miss them. So Chris and I tried to get to sleep as quick as possible and almost as soon as I laid down, the alarm went off.

The meteor shower was wonderful, we didn't see as much as last year but I think it may be because our neighborhood is more built out than it was so there was more light. What we did see was spectacular. The best part was being wrapped in blankets, huddled together with the boys against the cold night air.

And it was cold! We had at least seven blankets and we were all shivering. The boys spent a lot of the night reminiscing over other meteor showers they've seen. I think they were five, four and three the first time we went outside to look.

Finally around four we came inside and went back to bed. It was so blissfully warm that none of us stayed awake for long. Today we'll be lounging around and catching up on our rest.

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jamie said...

you are seriously committed to the star gazing...not sure i would even be able to get my kids up.
sounds like it was beautiful