Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Hair

I went to Salon Dante and met the sweetest hair dresser ever. Nicole and I decided that a cut just wasn't fun enough so I asked her to dye my hair red with blonde highlights - my favorite color combo. She layered my hair and then colored it all the while providing terrific company. After my hair was blown out I wasn't sure if the color was true ( I can be a stickler about hair color - too much experience makes me picky) but as soon as I saw how gorgeous it was in natural light, while shopping, at home... I was smitten. She did a perfect job and gave me exactly what I wanted. I'm posting three pictures to show the difference light makes on this pretty color. Let me know what you think.


Perpetual Beginner said...


I love red hair, and have done it to my hair on occassion. Unfortunately while it looks very natural on me, it also makes my skin look naturally bright, flushed pink. So I tend not to stick with it.

Comptons said...

Wow, it looks awesome! Really brings out your pretty blue eyes. :-D

MaryC said...

Completely Gorgeous! I love it, really love it.
What does Chris think?

The Davis Family said...

Oh your too cute Nicole!! Thanks so much. I loved doing your hair. Your so fun to visit with (Plus you and hubby are so cute together--makes me so happy!) :) Have so much fun on your trip to Canada and drive safe! Thanks again. Nicole

Perky Nihilist said...

Thanks everyone for the super-sweet comments.


Since I'm so pale, the flushed look red hair gives makes me look healthy but I can see how it would be annoying. I bet you look good as a redhead.


Thank you. I always thought red and dark brown made my eyes pop more too. Did you hear I might be in PDX in Oct. I hope so as I'm desperate to finally meet your little guy.


Thanks! I've been a redhead for ten of the 13.5 years we've been married ( and at our wedding) so no one batted an eye. The main comment I heard was, " Wow, you look like you again." No one liked the blonde much but I reverted to natural when I got my bone disease because it's easier. But who says hair should be easy?

Hi Nicole:

Thanks for doing such an awesome job on my hair. You are such a sweetie. See you in six weeks for a touch-up :-)

Claudette said...

Fantastic job on the hair color choice, fits you perfectly.... you look gorgeous!

CathyR said...

It looks great Nicole.