Friday, August 8, 2008

Trenton is Trying to Kill Me!

The mean, mean boy nearly broke my heart last night. He did. Want to know how?

We went shopping as all of his clothes were too small. No biggie. That happens, kids apparently grow year after year with little thought to your budget. Anyhow, we started out looking for pants and he needed to move up to the mens department. THE MEN'S DEPARTMENT!!!!! He wears a 30x30 pant size! To give you a point of reference, my big strong husband wears a 36x32.

How did my squiggly little baby start shopping in the men's department? It happened so fast! It made me realize that we probably only have about six years left with him at home, emptying our fridge at each meal. I was feeling a little choked up and there was another mom shopping with her son and she said her twelve year old went up a department too. She looked tired and a little defeated. I can relate.

But, as the boys are heading towards their pre-teen and teen years I'm getting glimpses of the great friends we're going to have when they are adults and the pick up your socks, they don't belong on the living room floor part is over.

As for crafty stuff, I made an ugly card - utterly craptastic! Only a grandmother could love it and so I'll send it to mine and forget it ever existed. I'm still trying to work with purple and a kit I didn't really take to... the results have been hit and miss at best.


Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

(hugs) The Men's know I'd go straight into denial and order online just to avoid it...

Perky Nihilist said...

Hey Jenna!

How's your new baby? She's growing so fast!

Shopping online hasn't worked for awhile as he changes size and shape on a weekly basis. The spurts twelve year old boys go through are mind-boggling.