Friday, August 8, 2008

Picture Post!

Had to share some pics of my cute family :-)


Perpetual Beginner said...

They are cute indeed!

And I can see how your eldest might be ready for that men's department. I've lucked out, in that my family matures late - so Robbie is tiny for his age, and I get to pretend that the fateful adulthood is further away than it actually is.

Perky Nihilist said...

You certainly did luck out :-)

Both Chris and I matured early so it's no surprise for us that we started dealing with puberty, growth spurts and such on the early end of the schedule.

I think I'll measure Trenton today and see if I still even have an inch on him.

Hope said...

Nicole -- wow look at those boys! So handsome and grown up. These are some wonderful photos!

Perky Nihilist said...

Hey Hope:

The boys seem to have grown more this past year than the three years previous!

I like the photos but everyone looks a little stiff and I didn't get catchlights in the close-ups. I learned so much in your tutorials and challenges at SA - I really miss them.