Monday, August 18, 2008

Movies, Motor Vehicles and More

This weekend we went to Swing Vote. I've always disliked Kevin Costner but I like him much better as a boozed-up redneck than as Mr. Suave. He was actually charming and seemed very real. The movie was great. I know people didn't think it was hard-hitting or satirical enough but I didn't think it was trying to be Bullworth or Wag the Dog yet it still managed to have a lot of pointed social commentary. I'd give it a solid seven out of ten.

We drove off to the DMV at 6:30 this morning and were about a dozen people away from the door when the new office opened. We managed to get my ID and his drivers test in under an hour. Before we left I read on Lifehacker how to take a good DL picture. I followed the guideline, jutting out my chin, wearing extra makeup and trying to square my shoulders. When the picture was snapped the lady announced, " Wow, this is one of the best license pictures I've ever seen!" So two other DMV ladies come over and agree with her and comment on how they could not believe it. Feeling hopeful, I watch the screen load my picture. UGH! The angle of my chin makes it the focal point, I have jowls and a lot of neck. I also looked shiny as they took an extreme close-up. It was terrible. I looked back at the ladies who were all beaming and excited to see how I reacted. My face must have given me away and the lady offered to retake it. They looked so crestfallen I put on a big smile, said it was fine and thanked her for doing an excellent job. I mean really, what else could I do?

At the Scrap-room one of my favorite things they do is called Killing a Kit. The idea is that you use up a scrapbooking kit until the pieces left are so teeny you don't have any problem throwing it away. It's great - no storing, no hoarding, no guilt. For the chatterbox "Be Happy" kit we got two pieces of card stock, three pieces of patterned paper, about five chipboard birds and half a pack of stickers. This is what I had left:

And here's what I made:

A Notebook:

Cards and Tags:

And this one Brayden made to really kill off my final few larger pieces, isn't he just the coolest nine year old?

Considering that was five pieces of paper and it cost five dollars, I think I did good. Now to kill that dreadful purple kit that I just didn't connect with...


MaryC said...

First, Kevin is my FAVORITE hunk of acting flesh out there. He reminds me so much of my dh. The REAL Kevin, not the boozed up acting one.
Second, congrats on your license. I can't imagine you taking a bad picture but I can relate to being the only one who hates a photo of myself.
Thirdly, I love your creations! So fun. I wish I could use up just one kit. I can never do it. I get side-tracked with something new and it gets forgotten.
Oh, well....

CathyR said...

I love your cards and tags. Is it ok to scraplift them?

Barb Nelson said...

I didn't connect with that "purple" kit either. I think I turned the purple piece over and used the olive side!! Made it much easier!!

Perky Nihilist said...

Hey Mary:

I remembered one of my friends was a Costner fan but couldn't remember who. Since I'm not actively disliking him right now, what movie of his is your favorite?

Pictures... grumble grumble. Speaking of, how did your shoot go with Tara Whitney?

I love using up every bit of a kit and tossing the dregs. Once I've made a few things I usually feel pretty done with the line so it's nice to not store it. Plus my stash doesn't grow nearly as fast.

Perky Nihilist said...


Thank you. Please scraplift whatever you like. I'd be so flattered.

Perky Nihilist said...

Hi Barb:

Glad it wasn't just me. I'm down to itty bitty bits so I can finally call it done. Whew.

I tried turning the paper over but the paper seemed a little cheap and it kept bugging me. I bet it would have looked nice embossed though - I'll try that next time.

Thanks for stopping by my blog :-)

Claudette said...

Your multi picture layouts are fantastic, and that note book is adorable. Each card is so unique in layout, great inspiration

Angela said...

Gotta say I like Kevin Costner. :) Haven't seen the new movie yet though.

I hate taking DL pictures. I just don't understand how they always come out so horrible. UGH!! Though right now when someone looks at it they have to do a double take. My hair is almost bleach blonde there and it is now a almost auburn color.

Last I just have to say those are amazing creations you did with that kit. I just love your work.

MaryC said...

Nicole, My favorite is Bull Durham. Second favorite is The Upside of Anger.
Gives me goosebumps just thinking about him.