Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cookies, Tires and Snow

Avery is reading Chew on This, the junior version of Fast Food Nation and he's loving it. I'm not at all surprised, this is the kid who at seven years old, used to pick up his chicken nugget and ask, " Did this chicken have a good life?" To be honest, he was so skinny that we lied to him and said, " Of course it did, honey."

He was the first person after me to turn vegan and he's the one who orders veggies and tofu in restaurants when his brothers order chicken. He's also the one who doesn't shy away from the realities (horrors) of big-agra. How could I have not thought of offering this book to my reluctant reader? It's so him.

Avery's carrying the book under his arm like a bible and makes frequent impassioned exclamations. He's feeling very vindicated about his lifestyle choices.

Speaking of vegan, here is a pic of those molasses cookies I made the other night. I baked up a second batch to have with our tomato lentil soup last night for dinner.

The picture I took was posted on vegan.com this morning - how cool is that?

Sadly we didn't get to eat my delicious dinner as a big storm was bearing down on our fair state and our tires were badly damaged from the whole tie-rod/wheel bearing problem. Chris left work late and head straight to the tire shop. Seven hundred bucks later he drove up the mountain safely. Good thing we got them, the ground was covered in snow this morning and a huge storm is on it's way. My back went kaput late afternoon and I ended up stuck in bed so the kids warmed up leftovers and ate by themselves. On the upside, we've got dinner ready for tonight.

My situation calmed down around 9:00 PM last night and I did some crafting. I know! How awesome! I worked on gift tags as each one is just a teeny bit of time and effort so if things slid sideways I wouldn't be elbow deep in a major undertaking.

I'll share pics once it's not so dark and stormy.


Carmen said...

Those cookies look scrummy. Of course they belong on vegan.com ;) Your son sounds a chip off the old block, you must be so proud of him :)

Take of that back.

MaryC said...

Nicole, you should write a book about your life. I swear you are a walking adventure! You would make a fortune.
And I would like to adopt Avery. He sounds like my kind of kid.
When I was his age, I found out the meat we were being served came from Mr. Bailey's steer. I refused to eat any of it. I was devastated when I discovered that all meat (even from the grocery store) came from someone's steer. I spent most of my childhood pleading with my family to stop eating those poor cows. No one ever listened. They still say I am the eccentric in the family.
Go Avery!

Kathi said...

Gosh. Those cookies look delish! Congrats on getting them on vegan.com.

Avery sounds like such a great and smart kit. He's earnest and so serious. Totally delightful. Just like his mom!

CathyR said...

Avery sounds like such a cool kid.

The cookies look really yummy too.