Monday, October 26, 2009

Painting (decorating, not crafty)

I promised Brayden when he had his own room we'd paint it a snazzy color. We didn't because the rooms seemed to still be in flux and unsettled. Weeks later we moved Avery from the gorgeous teal room back to Brayden's pig sty. We told him we'd update the room to reflect them both - art, color, dogs, lively but classy too. Yesterday we finally bit the bullet and did it.

I'm really happy with the results except now they want the whole room green instead of just an accent wall. So we need to wait until after the 6th to budget a can of paint into our "household" category.

I bet a few of you are wondering how on earth I managed to paint. I'm wondering that too. And with that wonder comes a lesson. This surgery has me petrified. I feel like I'm one slip away from being paralyzed. Unlikely and remote - sure, but my irrational fears are firmly rooted and they're where I am working from right now. So when I see things left undone - like painting the room - I can't help but ask myself will I be able to do this in two months time? Since I can't say for sure, I'm pushing hard and doing things now. This situation has me really, really scared. Chris only knows of one person with back surgery and he did awesome, never having pain again. I only know about back surgery from doctors and books talking about it in terms of nine out of ten surgeries fail, majority of pain patients are there because of failed back surgery and subsequent scarring etc. I only know the warnings and the dire predictions.

Once the calls start coming in and we have real information - dates, times, patient hand outs - I'll be better. It's the silence and the lack of knowing that is driving me nuts.

My lesson is to do what you can, when you can. You really never know what the future holds.


Dunx said...

Brilliant colour on the wall! We love colour in our bedrooms - I just brings so much life to the space.

As to the back surgery, I had a manager in the UK who had back surgery - I think it was a collapsed disc, but I don't recall now - and she had great results. She went from being unable to sit for more than a few minutes at a time (she was lying down otherwise) to being fully functional again. Huge win. This was over ten years ago, so I can only imagine that surgical techniques have improved since then.

Carmen said...

That's my desk!!!! That's my exact same new desk :D Ooh how sad that it makes me excited to see someone else with it too ;)

It's a gorgeous colour, very vibrant - just you TRY and take it easy.

And about Eric, haven't come across him yet, we are still only a few weeks into season 1 over here... you reckon my allegiance may change then? ;)

Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

I LOVE the color! It's one I might have been too chicken to try, but it looks so happy, you know?

Jeff's mom had spinal surgery - her biggest complaint about it is the scar. So much of it is attitude - and surgical skill. Collect both of those and you'll be better than ever.

Debbie, said...

Now THAT is a great color!! I love lime green (limepeel) and would LOVE to put it on the wall in my craft room. Hmmm, maybe I will.

I'm worried, too, for you and your surgery, but I have faith in doctors and their abilities to make you feel better soon. I hope you get word soon. The waiting is just the worst part.

CathyR said...

Love the color. It is so bright and cheery.

I understand your thoughts about doing everything you can before the surgery. Hang in there and don't over do it.

MaryC said...

The room looks great.
I can totally relate to how you are feeling - scared of the unknown. That's how I felt last year when they told me about my leg. Not only did I know of no one who had the surgery, not one Doctor in my city had ever seen one.
Hello UCLA!
Mine came out great and yours will too. I am praying for you.
Blessings, my good friend.

Maggi said...

You did an amazing job on the room! I am so sorry you have to have surgery so soon and I can imagine how scary the prospect is. I'm sure you'll breeze right through it! I'll be praying for you!

Bombshell Stamps said...

Oh, I adore the green with the white furniture. Very clean & classy!

What a poignant quote to end with Nicole. If it helps, my DH's brother went thru terrible back pain after an accident, had surgery, and is doing great today with no pain and no meds. I know each person's back pain & experience is different, but it sounds like they know what they need to do to help you. Doctors are miracle workers. Have faith, and know you're surrounded by prayer ;)

Laura O'Donnell said...

this paint looks great!

I've been thinking about you an your back issues. I'm glad you're keeping us updated and I think your attitude is great al things considered

Chris said...

Wow, that's a cool looking room. I think the girl that painted it is really hot too :-)

Kathi said...

Wow. That's bright! I'm not a green person for decorating. My mom loved green and everything in that house was green. When I chose the blue and purple wallpaper, she got it in green.

Anyways, promise me one thing. OK? Do NOT go onto Web MD. You'll scare yourself spitless.

Each time last year they ordered a diagnostic test (2 ultrasounds, 1 biopsy, 2 MRIs, additional mammo), I went to Web MD and made myself to read about the procedures and why they told me I was having them (to rule out various things). I turned myself into a quivering wreck.