Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pecan Sticky Buns

For brunch today I made (Vegan) Pecan Sticky Buns with beer bread instead of a yeast dough. Beer bread is a vegans best friend because it's made with beer, flour, salt and sugar. No eggs. Eggs: the bane of my (baking) existence.

While I can make vegan yeast breads, I'm not yet thrilled with the results. Yeast breads also take a long time, something I rarely have to spare on Sunday mornings.

On the Blog Serious Eats I saw a recipe for Beer Bread Pecan Rolls and decided to give it a go. We obviously skipped the bacon in the filling (although it sounds fabulous) and I used a lager. Next time I think I'll use an even less hoppy beer - like Bud.

I had some wonderfully light and fluffy vegan cream cheese frosting leftover from Friday's tiramisu so we topped our sticky buns with dollops of it. Wow. So good. The beer created a wonderful contrast between the spicy cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg and the sweetness of the brown sugar.

Here's the results:

I'm lucky I got this picture; they disappeared before I grabbed my camera.

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Carmen said...

Oooooh. You know I used to be vegetarian for over 10 years and at that time the vision of vegans was people living on pulses and seeds all day - wow who'da thunk you were scarfing yummy stuff like this? It looks delicious.