Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Couple of Cards

Hey all~

I have a couple of cards to share. But first an update on the home front - we're trying to stay positive, but physically things are pretty hairy. I'm actually starting to look forward to having the surgery. Never thought I'd say that. As a family, the reality of six weeks to three months of me being out of commission is starting to sink in. It's strange, usually I'd fill the freezer and get the house ready, but I have trouble getting out of bed... massive cooking sessions are impossible. Odds are good that the men in my life are going to experience first hand how a lot of families live - canned soup, take out, cereal... they'll live. And Trenton will love it.

I've been talking around about recovery time. A marathon runner had the same surgery I'm getting last year in mid-November and was able to start training again in mid-March. That's a long time, but it's not unworkable. I'm so glad my kids are older, can cook and that we homeschool. If they were in public school I wouldn't be able to be involved. That would break my heart.


Here's a new card I made with the kit I won from Torendi. Let me pause a minute and say that those girls are so cool and killer-talented. Love them!

If you want to know more about how I made this card or see other scrappy projects check out MY POST over at Gauche Alchemy. Speaking of GA, I stepped down as Design Team Co-Captain, as not being able to sit for more than fifteen minutes for the next four months seemed to run counter to crafts and computer time. Not to mention the whole surgery/recovery deal. It was a really hard decision to make, but it seemed like the only fair and honorable one. Amy, in her wonderful Amy-ness, refused my resignation and instead found two incredible ladies to replace me while I'm down and out. Lara is pretty much who I want to be when I grow up. Seriously. And Julie is one of the most incredible artists I know of. They are totally not going to want me back *grin* Amy is letting me post GA projects if I'm able so I may still have a teeny presence over there.

And here's my latest Bombshell Stamps card:

I used a bucket of glossy accents on the banner and cherry but in the dreary, snow-filled weather we're having I couldn't get it to show well in a picture. This image is from the Cherry Bomb set of Bombshell Stamps. I don't have this one yet, but a sweet gal sent me this hottie in a swap so I got to play. She's a hoot to color and doesn't she look like a bad, bad girl. Hello! Here comes trouble!

That card uses a sketch by the lovely Kathi. The sketch is the October Challenge at Rubber Stamp Chat. For the contest you can use any stamps you want to make your card and the prize is Bombshell Stamps - how awesome is that. To help you out, here's the sketch and Kathi's Card:

and here's the prize:


Elizabeth said...

I'm glad you're feeling more at peace about the surgery. :-)

The men will live. They'll miss what you do for them, but I trust their resourcefulness.

AdrianaP said...

Nicole - I hope your surgery goes well. Will this help the majority of the pain that you've been having? I love the Cherry Bomb card - so cute.

Jenn said...

I'm sure your boys will survive, even if it is top ramen for months ;) I hope all goes well and don't stress.

Love the cards

Kathi said...

Ditto Elizabeth.

They'll cope and it will give them more respect for what you do.

Both cards are great. I need to hop over to GA to see the directions since that ribbon treatment and the card cut out is freaking awesome.

I also need to check out the Torendi kits. They seem very cool.

You did a great job with the sketch. I agree that Cherry Bomb does look like trouble, but the kind that men like! ;)

Maggi said...

I love your tree card and I'm always excited to see new Bombshell cards from you, it makes me really want to get into stamping! lol

I hope your recovery speeds by quickly and hassle free!

Joyce said...

I couldn't get over the laughing at the maggots...hubby finally stopped his program to ask what I was laughing about. Trusting that everything works itself out during your speedy recovery, etc. Happy happies.