Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mom, Where's the Maggots?

Hey All,

Here's a new project I posted at Bombshell Stamps click HERE to see the details.


Wondering about the title of this post?

Brayden is just like his Dad. You really can't tell him anything, he has to experience it himself. It's also hard to teach him things. He needs to come at it his own way, fail, and then ask for help. Having been with Chris nearly fifteen years, I know this personality well so we manage, but boy oh boy - some day!!!!

When we were walking along the beach front in San Francisco Brayden wanted to play in the sand. Only obvious tourists were playing and then only a few. I took that, plus other context clues, to mean that the sand is dirty and gross along the urban coast. Brayden was convinced that I was just being mean and no-fun. This amuses me as I am very strict but I'm also the most fun mom I know. Perhaps he just lacks someone to compare me too. Anyhow, after a good deal of observation I decided since the beach seemed needle-free ( after Portland that's my first concern) and there was little/no broken glass, I'd let him play and if we end up at a clinic getting a tetanus shot then so be it.

He dug into the sand, thrilled to have "won" this argument. He mugged for the camera, dug like a dog, I took the above picture. Idyllic. Mothers. What do they know?

About a moment after this shot he hit a nice big softball sized glob of maggots. Excellent.

Horrified, we walked to the bathroom nearby (I planned for this) scrubbed him soundly with soap and hot water, dipped his hands in Purell after checking for cuts and went on our way. Since June, he hasn't given me a hard time when I say something is a bad idea. The change in this area is a full 180.

Whenever he sees these very cute beach pictures he asks me if I'm going to make maggot embellishments to match.


A lot of nice things have been happening to me lately so I thought I'd round them up in one post:

The Tacoma Art Museum asked to include this pic in the online part of their Day of the Dead exhibit:

A few of my projects were featured on She Walks Softly - such gorgeous eye candy on that blog. Wow.

The ever so talented Gabby awarded me with this:

Thanks, Gabby!


Elizabeth said...

I'm with Brayden: I want maggot trim on that. ;-)

I'm curious, did you tell him your deductive clues as to why it was a bad idea? Does his "gotta do it myself" thing mean that he discounts environmental information?

Nicole Maki said...

Hey Elizabeth,

Yes, I did. I'm a huge fan of explaining my thought process as a way of teaching logic and thinking skills.

He didn't agree with my assessment shooting down most of it with, " people are boring and uptight"

He's got a terrible case of the tens *sigh* Facts have very little bearing on his opinions. Fortunately, experience is a very good teacher and I am on hand enough to reduce the risks a bit.

I've looked up maggot photos, so when I add these pictures to our album they will be embellished with larvae.

Jenn said...

OMG, that's GROSS!

Elizabeth said...

Well, he's right that people are boring and uptight. But that's never an excuse for underestimating the value of the locals' knowledge. AS HE LEARNED.

:: Fortunately, experience is a very good teacher and I am on hand enough to reduce the risks a bit. ::

Ah, the way of learning everywhere! :-)

Maggot photos! Yay! *looks up maggot photos* Ack! Ew ew ew ew!

MaryC said...

Ugh! Maggots! Gives me the shivers.
Congrats on all your art being showcased. Amazing, girl. You are awesome.

Kathi said...

Gotta love that the beach gave him the perfect object lesson and proved the point that you weren't just being mean.

Maggots? Ick. I would have bathed him in Purell followed by bleach followed by more Purell.

The concept of maggot and/or larvae page embellishments is totally revolting.

Congrats on your shrine being featured at the museum. Way too cool.

The award from Gabby is well deserved and a true compliment. She's ever-so-talented!

Debbie, said...

Love this card and the story, too. I bet you are a really fun Mom.

Alyssa S said...

Ha! Great story and gorgeous frame! Love all the details ;o)
Congrats on everything! You're amazing!!

Evil Brat Child I said...

Hahaha! Both of my sisters kids are pretty much like my own. Unfortunately, three of those kids really are like me...and Brayden.

This knowledge has taught me that, unless there are immediate and certain risk, to let them learn the hard way. The way you let Brayden. The way my mom let me. To do otherwise just wastes time and energy.

To this day, when my mom tells me things which I swear makes no sense at all, I still have this sinking feeling I'm going to end up regretting not listening to her. LOL

GlitteryKatie said...

Mother knows best!!!! *grins*
Adore your fram and your shrine!!

Amy Wing said...

What the heeeeeeck were a ball of maggots doing in the sand? ewewew.

Your success with your artwork does NOT surprise me - but congrats anyway! Whoo-hoo!!