Monday, October 13, 2008

Card Sketch and Close Ups

Monday morning means a new sketch over at the 2sketches4you. I've been so bad about doing those lately so I need to get back at it.

Here it is, isn't it cute:

There is a challenge over at the scrap room to take some close-up photos. This is no easy task with very active boys. Yesterday while we were thawing out in the hot tub I ran and grabbed my camera and took a few shots. All the ones of Avery had oddly placed snow flakes or too much steam but I did catch a couple good ones of Trenton, Brayden and Chris:

I put all my Halloween cards at Etsy on sale so if you're in need the prices have been slashed. I'm *so* not in the mood for Halloween this year. It seems like an interruption in a schedule that is just barely settling down as it is. Not very festive of me.

Chris wants to dress up as a dude from Slipknot. He even went and asked HR if he could be "really scary" at work. They said it would be great. And yes, I'm still giggling at the mental picture.

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