Sunday, October 26, 2008

Card Sketch A Day Blog, Boots, Weight

One of my cards was featured on Susan's wonderful card sketch a day blog. They are having a week of Halloween cards that you really don't want to miss. Check out the adorable mummy card done with todays sketch - it is right up my little guys alley.

I finally found a new pair of Doc Martens. Most of you know that our house burned down in 1997 and we lost everything. Among the everything was my treasured knee high Docs with skate style lacing. They were so awesome. I vowed not to replace them until I found a pair that are even cooler. It took eleven years but I finally have a beautiful pair of new Docs.

When I was sick I lost six pounds. Usually after I recover the weight piles back on in a matter of days. A week after being ill I had gained back a half a pound and ten days ago I had regained a total of 0.7 pounds. Which wasn't too bad considering I would have normally put back on all of it. This morning I hauled my sorry self to the Wii-Fit (my scale), did a twenty minute work out and weighed myself. I've lost another 1.2 pounds. Woo-hoo! I'm still a bit over a pound away from a forty pound loss. So I'm getting there, slowly but getting there.


MaryC said...

Very cool boots! I can totally see you wearing them. You Diva, you!
The last couple of pounds are always the worst. I still go up and down a couple of pounds all the time. Usually when Steve is home I go up (eating out and big dinners) and then lose it when he leaves ( eat a lot of soup).
Oh, I love the card too.

Melyssa R
Boulder County, CO

very cute card! love it! but I love the boots even MORE! wow! I still have my Docs that I bought in 1995, just plain regular ones though but I haven't worn them in years...I'm so boring now. lol

Elizabeth said...

Those boots are awesome. Very, very you. We need action shots!

CathyR said...

Cute card. I love the boots. Congratulations on the weight loss.

Cass said...

Huge congrats on the weight loss. Love those boots! :)

Sherry Wright said...

I had to look at more of your blog to find out about the boots, lol. Congrats on your weight loss.. you look awesome in the boots!