Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Health, Ed Hardy, Libraries and Test Results

I am getting better. I ate four bites of rice with two slices of tofu last night. Adding that to juice and soy milk almost made for a decent amount of calories. Yahoo. Having energy again feels wonderful. I still can't push it much but I'm getting there.

Speaking of health, I took my improved immune system out for a spin and tried borrowing books from the library. For the past four years it's been impossible. With all my allergies, borrowing books that have been in houses where people had cats and such was disastrous. Within a few pages I'd be covered in hives and sucking on my inhaler. We decided it was better to buy than borrow and get sick.

A gajillion dollars later, we have a lovely home library but I'm starting to hate spending ten bucks on a manga the boys can read in twenty minutes. I've been able to hug my friends with cats so I took a chance I got a library card. We are loving it. The thirty book limit is about right for us as we're all reading everything we can drag home. The boys still can't grasp the concept though. Trenton asked last night, " So is it a lending program to try before you buy?" I finally explained how tax dollars pay for it and that made a little more sense. The boys just love their library cards which is so cute.

Trenton got his test results back yesterday and he got eighteen 96% to 98% grades and two 55% and 57%. It left him with an 89% overall. I was pleased. We expected at least one math grade to be low as our math program follows a different track than the typical American path but the low mark on grammar stunned me. Turns out he can diagram just about anything but gets a bit fuzzy on capitals and semi-colons. That's okay, we can fix that without too much fuss. All in all I'm very proud of him.

I weighed myself and I am down 37.5 pounds from when I started in May. Thats exciting as I always set a 2.5 pound every two weeks goal so I'm shooting for forty pounds by the 20th. That's a ton-o-weight when you're five foot two. I'm also nineteen pounds away from what I weighed on our wedding day. Which isn't a scary amount to lose now that I've made it this far. I'm all out of old clothes to shrink into. My tiniest jeans that I kept to mock me slide on well. So next time I change sizes I'm going to have to head to the mall. Our closet is so much cleaner without thirteen years of gee-I-hope-these-fit-someday cluttering up the space. I also slipped on a pair of tall boots I've never been able to do up. They've been languishing sadly in a corner and now they fit beautifully. I love having new tall boots to wear with skirts! But, I am sorely lacking anything to wear this fall at all. I probably have less than fifteen items all together. Chris keeps taking me shopping and I'm not too excited about the current styles. Way too costume-y or Mall-Alternative. Ugh! The punk girl in me is inevitably offended.

But my sweetie has been finding cool clothes. Check out these awesome Ed Hardy jeans he bought:

FWIW, I think Ed Hardy is getting way over-exposed but the jeans certainly rock the casbah.

See you all tomorrow :-)


MaryEllen said...

Congratulations, Nicole! I think I can say this about you, as I do about my oldest daughter: Where there's her will, there's a way! :)

Anonymous said...

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