Sunday, October 12, 2008

Crazy Canadians!

Yesterday the snow was flimsy stuff and while it did cling to branches and such it didn't stand a chance against the wetter spots in our yard. But this morning we have real snow! Nice, thick, constant, accumulating snow.

Plows woke us just after eight and since my back was very sore we decided to brave the elements and jump in the hot tub. Chris's Finn upbringing and our general Canadian-ness reared up and and soon we were daring each other to run barefoot through the snow. Trenton wasn't sure so he bluffed and said he'd run through the snow when I did. Since I don't run and hate getting cold, it was a good play. What he hadn't factored in was that running barefoot through snow then jumping in hot water is something I love doing and calling his bluff is irresistible.

The climax of our morning was when we were running en masse around our whole house in our bathing suits, giggling and screaming while our more moderate neighbors were shoveling in their parkas and or driving by. I'm sure they thought we were nuts.

Brayden is convinced today was the "funnest day of his life."

After we dried off we had a huge country breakfast of hot cocoa, bacon, eggs, baking powder biscuits with syrup and hand cut hash browns. It was so delicious - well, at least it smelled delicious :-)

I can't believe how much we love living up here in the mountains. The hot tub just makes it better.

Here are some pics of our fun morning:


Angela said...

OMGoodness Nicole!
You guys are crackin' me up. Glad you are having some fun in that pretty snow.

Tara said...

That looks like a blast. But, as I have been following your weight loss journey, I have to tell you my friend - You. Look. Mahvelous! Rocking that bathing suit, Mama! So proud of you, I think I need to know your secret and where you find the motivation/willpower :-)

MaryC said...

You are indeed, nuts! I vote for the parka.
Tell Chris that I just love that snow angel photo. It's an award winner.